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Who are we?

iiConsult tech Inc. is a new aged management quality & development consultancy for software development and technology work.

Our services focus on providing our clients value and expertise through consulting, design and development work.

  • Consulting and Project Services
  • Start-Up and Media Service Packages
  • Development and Design Services

If you are looking for experienced Quality Assurance project and management expertise for a large project or a new startup / small business looking for someone to join their team offering multiple disciplines and knowledge in technology, projects & management, then you are who we want to work with.

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Consulting & Project Service Offerings

Offering years of quality and management experience and expertise to help your company move forward.

  • Experience with large, mid-sized & small organizations.
  • Quality Assurance management & leadership for your next project.
  • Business management consulting for your existing or start-up company.

With more than 25 years of financial industry expertise in large corporate environments , mid-sized service and retail industries, our consultants will
be able to help navigate the unique challenges and requirements of your
next project.

Start-Up and Media Service Packages

We can prepare designs and materials you'll need for your new or existing
business, project or idea.

Get us working for you on your next project:

  • Your next wesite design or update project.
  • Ongoing website maintenace and deployment services.
  • Design services for online media.
  • Identity packages and collateral materials.

Development & Design Service Capabilities

Digital design and development services for your business to succeed and flourish.

Our team has worked with many different development technologies and platforms:

  • Web site development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript & Typescript).
  • Android technologies & launches (Android studio, Kotlin & Java).
  • iOS tecnologies (xCode, Swift and Swift UI).
  • Web development platforms (Angular, Node JS, React, PHP).
  • Development technologies (Github, Jira, Teamworks, Sourcetree).
  • Data and databases (SQL, Firebase, MongoDB, Realm, Room).

Next steps ...

If you have a project role that you’re looking to fill, consider iiCt and fill out our contact sheet, telling us about the work and your needs.

Our Services

What do we offer

Web Design & Construction

Let our team desing and/or build your next website. We can also help with a re-design.

Media, UI & UX Design

Let us work on designing your next project. From Graphics to Media, your vision is our vision.

Support & Maintenance

Regular support and services designed for your unique needs to keep you up and running on the web.

Quality Assurance

Looking for help with designing or developing your QA process? We can help.

APP Development

Get our team working on your next Android or iOS app project.

Project Leadership

We can manage your next QA, Development or project implementation.

The Portfolio

What we've worked on & done

  • All
  • App
  • Media
  • Web

Vara on Android


Vara Platforms


Big Game


My Pet on Android


Recipies on Android


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How we work ...

Consulting & Freelance




/ Time & Materials

  • Convienient monthly billing options*
  • Billed for time worked
  • Billed for Materials / services used
  • * Some conditions / restrictions may apply

Monthly Service Plans




/ Fixed Rates

  • Fixed monthly spend / know your budget**
  • Agreement on services provided
  • Fixed point of contact
  • Simplified cancellation policy  
  • ** Conditions and restrictions apply


Frequently Asked Questions

  • iiConsult tech was started in 2019 just prior to the pandemic. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to our client's and their projects. We care about the work we do and the client's we work with.

  • At iiConsult tech Inc., we are not only interested in the big guys. In fact, we have a passion for new and innovative projects and work. We know that the bigger and more established industries are not always about new innovation, so we welcome the smaller businesses and even start-ups who are looking for some help to get that project off the ground and move forward.


Our team is here for you

Gervan Nantel

Managing Director & Consultant

Lalaantika Sharma

Development Director & Consultant

David Crispin

Developer & Consultant

Roaa Almadi

Developer & Consulatnt


Contact Us


203 Catherine Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1J5


+1 (613) 241-4700





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